Hi there, I’m Emanuela…

…web designer, mum, dreamer

Most people find my name to be quite lengthy, so my friends prefer to call me “Manu” which I am entirely comfortable with. However, I still do not mind when people use any of my other names, as long as one is comfortable pronouncing them. All the best with that! 😀

I reside in Italy where I live with my two sons and my chubby fat cat! I am an early riser as my mornings are filled with energy and enthusiasm. I am a hard worker; therefore, I ensure that I utilize my daytime to the fullest. This leaves me quite weary in the evenings, but I do not mind as I am able to get a peaceful rest as I relax utilizing Netflix to the very fullest.

As my professionalism is in web development, I work as a WordPress and WooCommerce plugins developer at the incredible YITH Team. As a result of my never-ending love for music, I work as I jam to some nice songs from my awesome playlist. For the record, I am not flaunting, my playlist is just over the top. You would definitely love it!

While I was at the University studying to attain a degree in Physics, I developed an unending interest in website creation and programming. As a result, I decided to move to Turin after receiving my degree. I was part of Altran for three months and later got hired as a Java Junior Developer. After a period of around two years, I moved back to Sicily where I worked as a web developer and web designer at an advertising agency. I have to admit that the job here was not easy, but I am grateful that it gave me an opportunity to grow mentally and professionally.

In the past years, back when my sons were young, I worked as a freelancer. However, freelancing made me feel quite lonely as I could sometimes work even during the weekends. As I was not comfortable, I decided to search for another job. During this period, I discovered that YITH were looking forward to hiring four developers. I took my shot which landed me to the big YITH family in November 2013. I am so grateful!